On March 11, 2021, Jiangsu Plus Biotechnology Co., Ltd. successfully held the "January Exceeding Performance Target and January and February Business Activities Commendation Conference". Individuals and groups who performed outstandingly in January and February were commended at the meeting. The leaders of the company awarded certificates, bonuses and took a group photo to the commended teams and individuals.


Behind the flowers and applause is the unremitting hard work, honor and achievement are inseparable from hard work day and night. As Yang Dongmei, the director of the Second Department of Domestic Trade, said in his speech, excellence will lead to more excellence, and hard work will lead to more hard work. It is precisely because of the mutual encouragement and mutual support of our friends that more and more excellent teams and individuals will emerge from Plush.

"In your daily work, don't be afraid that sharing with others will reduce your competitiveness. On the contrary, the more you share, the more you gain, which not only helps others but also improves yourself." Zhu Ling, the award-winning employee representative, said in the summary. It is true that the ease of use in the business process requires not only one's own unremitting efforts, but also sharing and communication are also crucial. The harder you work, the luckier you are, and the more you share, the more successful you are!

The detail lies in observation, and success lies in accumulation. Jiang Li, the award-winning representative of the second department, said in her speech: "Although my performance is not the best, I take every inquiry from customers seriously, which gives me a relatively large advantage in the number of customers. In summary, it is mainly derived from the usual accumulation." No matter when and where, Jiang Li’s sincerity and enthusiasm in receiving customers, and meticulous and patient handling of orders will surely make her work more and more smooth. More and more dazzling.

At the end of the meeting, company leader Ji made comments and conclusions. President Kyrgyzstan highly affirmed and extended warm congratulations to the outstanding achievements of the friends since the beginning of the year. At the same time, President Ji hopes that everyone can continue to work hard, actively expand new customers, and maintain old customers with heart; forge ahead, pioneer and innovate, and work together to achieve new brilliance in 2021!

The blueprint has been drawn, and the struggle is at the right time. In the first year of the game, as Prussians, the friends have already sent us the first wave of good news with their own actions. In 2021, all members of Plus will brave the wind and waves, brave hardships, and strive forward!

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