On May 14, 2021, Jiangsu Plus Biotechnology Co., Ltd. solemnly held the April Business Activities Commendation Conference. Recognize outstanding teams and individuals in business activities in April. The company leaders awarded bonuses and certificates to the commended teams and individuals, and took a group photo.

If you want to use one word to summarize the April of Plush, it should be "beyond". Yang Dongmei, Director of the Second Department of Domestic Trade, said in reviewing the business results: "Although the performance in April set a new record high, behind the results of a team are the efforts of newcomers and the hard work of veterans. It is also because of all the small partners who represent the backbone of the company. Unremitting struggle. The company's various activities and rewards have stimulated the unlimited potential of all our business partners to the greatest extent, and our records have been brushed to new heights time and time again, breaking our imagination time and time again. New heights of personal performance."

Opportunities are for those who are prepared. Chen Hongyun’s outstanding performance is by no means accidental. She said with emotion: “With the help of leaders and colleagues, I have achieved fairly satisfactory results last month. Every time I do business, I have summarized my own advantages and disadvantages. The good will continue to be maintained, and the bad will be improved as soon as possible. No matter what achievements have been made in the past, tomorrow is a new day, full of more challenges and opportunities, I need to face it, and I need to keep a humble heart at all times. To learn and improve one's abilities."


Jiang Xu achieved impressive results in April. When talking about the secret of the transaction, she said: “Behind the frequent orders placed by customers, besides the recognition of my work, the more important thing is the company’s support and customers at critical moments of business. The affirmation of the scale and strength of our company, it is with the blessing of the big tree of Plus, that I can stand up to the wind and rain, move forward courageously, and achieve fruitful results. The company’s humanized management model, among colleagues Mutual assistance, kindness and friendship, and the introduction of new incentive policies at each stage have truly enabled everyone to realize the dream of how big the stage is."

Newcomer Zhang Sunjuan also performed very well in April's business. She said: "This reward is really not easy for me. I also have difficulties in the business process, but the company has given a lot of help. The training activities organized by the company regularly and the patient explanations of teachers have all contributed to my performance. A solid foundation. The company always pays attention to the growth of my new employees and solves the difficulties for me in time. I am really happy. The company supports me every step of the way."

A platform that can give full play to personal abilities must be an important guarantee for personal success. Liu Jingwen of the third department shared: "The company's high-quality platform guarantee and the warm and harmonious atmosphere of the Plus family have allowed me to fully enjoy the sense of accomplishment brought by my work. I have a very fulfilling life every day. I have never worked in sales. Experienced rookies, to be able to win awards in company activities, are inseparable from the careful guidance, enthusiastic help, understanding and tolerance of leaders and colleagues."

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Cao of the company commented and summarized the business activities in April. Starting from the overall corporate strategy, President Cao put forward the strategic concept of win-win development. President Cao said: The company will continue to introduce more incentive policies for everyone and create a more trustworthy platform for the Plus family; the company’s board of directors will also Continue to be committed to escorting everyone's business activities, so that all Plus people can reap value while paying, and achieve a win-win situation of company development and personal value realization. The corporate culture of Plus determines that this is a dynamic and warm enterprise. Employees care for each other like their families. Today's world is facing environmental challenges from the epidemic and economic turmoil, but Plus uses methods that suit itself to maintain rapid growth.

As an entrepreneur with great humanistic care and vision, Mr. Cao adheres to the responsibility of the company, leads everyone to develop together, and implements the corporate values of Plus. At the end of the speech, Mr. Cao congratulated all the winning business partners, and hoped that all Plus members will have a better harvest in May!

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